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The Plight of the Manatee–Snorkeling with a Purpose


a bird swimming in water

A thriving mother and calf manatee pair


Welcome to our blog, where we strive to raise awareness about the magnificent Florida Manatee that inhabit our bay in Crystal River, Florida and promote responsible tourism. Today, we shed light on the challenges and dangers faced by manatees, showcasing the unique opportunity that our manatee snorkeling tours provide to make a positive difference. Join us as we explore the conservation importance and enriching benefits of snorkeling with these gentle creatures.

a man swimming in the water

A guest getting an incredible shot of a large manatee

  1. The Perils Faced by Manatees:

Manatees, also known as sea cows, face numerous threats in their natural habitats. Manatees are lucky to not have any natural predators, however they still face pivotal threats. Habitat loss due to coastal development, pollution, boat collisions, entanglement in fishing gear, cold stress and hyperthermia, the Red Tide and climate change are just a few examples. These factors, coupled with their naturally low reproductive rates, have led to their designation as endangered or vulnerable species. 


  1. Snorkeling for Conservation:
a fish swimming under water

A long-injured manatee tail from a boat impact 

Embarking on a manatee snorkeling tour allows you to witness firsthand the challenges these incredible marine mammals face. Often times, manatees are scarred from impacts with high-speed moving boats. Their face and tails may bare white markings made from cold stress. By booking with a responsible and sustainable tour operator, you become part of the solution. Our tours provide vital financial support for conservation efforts, as a portion of the proceeds is invested in manatee protection, research, and habitat preservation. Our partnership with META aims to promote sustainable tourism within our community while advocating for the Florida Manatee to be protected from bad actors and the threats faced within their environment.

  1. Enhancing Public Awareness:

Snorkeling with manatees offers guests a unique opportunity to interact and connect with these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. Encounters enable visitors to witness manatees’ peaceful nature, fostering a deeper appreciation for their well-being. Our knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides and captains provide years of experience and information of the Florida Manatee to our guests during your manatee snorkeling tour. By sharing these awe-inspiring experiences through word-of-mouth, social media, and personal accounts, snorkelers play an essential role in educating others about the importance of conserving manatee populations.

a person wearing sunglasses posing for the camera

Educated youth have potential to change the world

  1. Raising Environmental Consciousness:

Engaging in a snorkeling tour educates individuals about the broader environmental issues affecting manatees. Our knowledgeable guides provide insights into the various challenges these marine mammals face, including habitat degradation and the need for improved water quality. By understanding these issues, participants are more likely to adopt environmentally conscious behaviors and actively support conservation efforts. Any one of our informed guests can make a difference within their community to help the Florida Manatee, especially those around Florida.


  1. Supporting Local Communities:

Snorkeling tours focusing on manatees actively contribute to the prosperity of local communities. By providing employment opportunities for experienced guides and contributing to the local economy, responsible tour operators ensure that communities living near manatee habitats have a vested interest in their protection. This symbiotic relationship fosters a sense of stewardship, essential for the long-term survival of these gentle giants. Citrus County has a particular fondness for the Manatee, as the animals have been a cornerstone of the culture and economy of Crystal River for decades.

a sign above a body of water


Snorkeling with manatees is a privileged experience that comes with great responsibility. By choosing a reputable, eco-friendly tour operator, you can support manatee conservation efforts while enjoying an unforgettable encounter with these incredible creatures. Witnessing the dangers they face heightens our commitment to preserving their habitats and supporting research and protection initiatives. Together, let us celebrate the beauty of nature and play an active role in safeguarding the future of these magnificent animals.


Book your snorkeling tour today and become an advocate for manatees—one snorkel at a time!

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