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Embracing Sustainable Tourism: Our Commitment to Protect Manatees and the Environment


At Nature’s Discovery, we wholeheartedly believe that sustainable tourism is the way forward when it comes to protecting our precious natural surroundings and the magnificent inhabitants that call them home. One such beloved creature is the gentle and awe-inspiring manatee. Crystal River, Florida is blessed to be able to be the home of manatee snorkeling tours. As responsible stewards of the environment and daily manatee snorkeling tour guides, we are deeply committed to ensuring the longevity and conservation of these incredible beings. In this blog post, we are delighted to share with you the various measures we take to promote sustainable tourism and protect manatees for future generations to enjoy.

a bird swimming in water

Close encounters with manatees are always special and should never be taken lightly

  1. Informative and Responsible Guided Tours:

We understand the importance of providing our guests with accurate and up-to-date information about manatees, their habitats, and the challenges they face. Our knowledgeable guides are well-trained to educate visitors about the fragile ecosystem in which manatees thrive, emphasizing the significance of protecting it. By instilling a sense of responsibility and respect within our guests, we aim to cultivate a community of informed individuals who actively contribute towards the conservation of manatees. We lead educational and adventurous swims with manatees.

animal on the water

Boater need to look out for manatees and ensure that they steer clear of shallow water grassbeds

  1. Ecologically-Friendly Boat Operations:

Recognizing that our boats can have an impact on manatees and their environment, we have taken several significant steps to minimize our ecological footprint. To prevent any potential harm to these gentle giants, we strictly follow designated waterways and maintain a respectful distance during the tour. Our boats are equipped with up-to-date engine technologies that emit minimal noise, ensuring a non-intrusive experience while reducing noise pollution. With the abundant aquatic vegetation throughout Crystal River, our Captains pay close attention to the tide and daily conditions to ensure that we navigate safely without impacting the eel grass beds.


  1. Promoting Minimal Disturbance:

As lovers of manatees, it is important to us that our presence does not cause unnecessary stress or disruption to their natural behavior. We limit the number of visitors on each tour, ensuring intimate and personal encounters without compromising the well-being of the manatees. By reducing overcrowding and maintaining a serene atmosphere, we aim to foster an environment where these incredible creatures can thrive undisturbed. Swimming with manatees should be tranquil for the wildlife and eager visitors alike.

a person swimming in water

Young children and weak swimmers are accompanied closely by a guide to make sure they do not disturb the manatee


  1. Collaboration with Conservation Organizations:

We strongly believe in collaborating with established conservation organizations to actively support their efforts in safeguarding manatees and their habitats. META is a collaboration within the manatee tour industry which aims for sustainable tourism within our industry. We donate a portion of our profits to these organizations and actively participate in conservation initiatives such as habitat restoration, educational programs, and research. By forging these partnerships, we contribute to the long-term conservation and protection of these incredible creatures.


  1. Advocating Responsible Tourism Practices:

Beyond our immediate sphere of influence, we strive to spread awareness about the importance of responsible and sustainable tourism practices. Through our website, social media channels, and other communication platforms, we share valuable information about eco-friendly travel and encourage individuals to make conscious choices that benefit both manatees and the environment as a whole.

a man standing next to a body of water

Education is everything to us at Nature’s Discovery


At Nature’s Discovery, our aim is to provide unforgettable and educational experiences while ensuring the protection and preservation of manatees. We continuously strive to incorporate sustainable tourism practices into every aspect of our operations, from informative tours and ecologically-friendly boats to collaborations with conservation organizations and advocating responsible travel. Swimming with manatees in Crystal River, Florida is a magical experience. Together, let us embrace sustainable tourism to create a world where future generations can witness the majestic beauty of manatees in their natural, undisturbed habitat. Join us on our journey of conserving these incredible creatures and protecting their fragile home.

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